Sunday, March 16, 2008

So Proud

Last week was nuts for our family. Karl was working madly on finishing a group project for his architecture studio class and pulled 3 all-nighters in a row. Needless to say, we were both exhausted from his demanding school schedule and Soren was probably wondering if he had a father anymore.

On Friday, Soren and I went to Cal Poly to see the model that Karl's group had been working so diligently on for the past few months. His model was in a dark room with several other projects from students in his class; some were obviously better than others. Soren was so happy to see his Papa again and reached out for him as soon as we got there. For the first time in his life he was bashful around the new people who wanted to meet him and he clung to Karl like I had never seen before.

As we were standing around, admiring the HUGE (taller than me) model of a skyscraper in Dubai that Karl and his group spent hours on, I asked who would be taking this one home. We have maxed out our capacity to house anymore architecture models in our apartment, so I was hoping the other two guys would offer. At that same moment, Karl's professor walked up and said that she thought it belonged in the university archives! After wondering the whole quarter what she was going to think about their project (she was skeptical about their concept), she now thought it was worthy to save!

That's not all...this morning Karl received an email from his professor, informing him that his project was requested by other professors in the engineering and landscape architecture departments as an example of an excellent model! It will also be reviewed by the
National Council of Architectural Registration Board to evaluate Karl's professor (a process that is only done every 5 years!)

As you can probably tell, I am beaming with pride for my husband. This success is just another confirmation that he is doing what he loves AND that he is excellent at it. Yes, I might complain about not having a husband who is around as much as I would like, but I am confident that he is right where he should be right now. This is just a glimpse of the pride I will feel on graduation day!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back by Popular Demand

Well, you asked for more pictures and I listened. (Actually, Karl just gave me back the card reader so I could upload these pictures.) So here you are, my friends, documentation of extreme cuteness...

Helping Mama with the laundry

Like I said before, kids don't need fancy toys :)

We're starting to get concerned that he spends too much time with Violet.
His new favorite thing to do is put something in his mouth
and crawl around with it everywhere he goes.
He thinks it's quite funny.

More to come...stay tuned.