Saturday, February 14, 2009


It's been a while since I've done a Soren update, so here goes (I have about 5 minutes before Karl and Soren get back from their little "adventure" to the coffee shop.)

-Soren is weaned! It happened very gradually, then one day I realized it had been a week or so since he last nursed. He went through a couple of weeks of being very frustrated when he tried to nurse and their was no more milk. He would look up at me and say "It's broken" or "It's not working." Pretty soon he just gave up I guess. Yippee! Now I have 6 months left to myself before I have to start it all over again.

-He is talking in sentences now. The other day he said "Having fun in the bath!" He picks up on way more than we realize when we're talking to each other and is constantly working on his vocab. He can pick out most of the alphabet and and can count to 6.

-Playing the guitar is still his #1 passion (obsession) and it's highly entertaining to see him turn any long object into a guitar when he doesn't have his real guitar handy. He can't get enough. He started to write and sing songs for us to. They usually go like this: "Maaamaaaa....Paaaaappaaa....." while he strums his guitar and bounces to the beat. Melts my heart. I love having songs written about me.

-This morning Soren has been throwing a pretty impressive amount of tantrums. One of them had to do with wanting bones. Yep, bones. He was crying and going to our pantry and begging for something that we had never heard him say before. Finally I asked him if he wanted bones and he immediately stopped crying and said, "Yeah" in such a relieved voice. Karl and I could not help but laugh and I realized that he remembered the lion in "Goodnight Gorilla" chewing on a bone. The last time we read it I told him that the lion was eating a bone, and somehow that memory stuck in his little brain so much that when he wanted a snack today he thought bones would be a good choice. I had to delicately explain to him that bones were only for lions and dogs to chew on, not for toddlers to eat. He was alright with that explanation and then asked for crackers.

That's it for the update. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Soren bought me flowers while he was out on his adventure! Adorable.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Back

...and I need another vacation. I know, pretty unbelievable, but I do. This time, I need a get-away with my husband. If it weren't for school, lack of money, and Valentine's Day (that would be way too cliche') we would be out of here this weekend. At least Karl is getting a day in Santa Barbara on Friday and it's my turn to stay home and work.

This quarter has been easier than last quarter for our family, and I feel like I'm getting to know Karl again. When school and life get too crazy, we tend to forget how to be with each other because we never spend time together. We just end up being frustrated with the other person during the few times we do get alone - it's pretty lame. Just one of the MANY reasons I fantasize about graduation day on a way too regular basis. Anyway, we're past the crazy month of January **hallelujah!** and settling into February nicely (with the exception of the flu from hell and teething.) Karl has been home more and is able to take Soren to school one out of two days a week, and we're starting to split Soren's "wake-ups" with each other now. Karl is even able to help with dinner sometimes and do things around the house to help out. It's unbelievable how much these things help my state of mind and Karl loves having the time to spare to be with us.

Anyways, I want to get out of town with my husband!! We only have 6 months left while we're still a "little" family and date nights and weekends away are easy! [Said with panic in her voice.] I think a "getaway" stipend should be be included in tuition for Cal Poly architecture students. I'm gonna propose it, I'm sure they'd go for it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Outta Here

For the past 6 days I have been home constantly, nursing (literally and figuratively) one very sick toddler. He contracted something awful and has been coughing, crying, snotting, vomiting, running a pretty high temp for a few days and NOT sleeping. He is getting better, but today I just feel worn completely ragged, like I'm on the verge of running out of my house. I have given every last ounce of myself to this little miserable guy and while my heart is torn apart seeing him so sick, I feel like I'm losing my mind.

I'm not sure how parents with more than one child deal with this sort of thing. Actually, there was one point a few days ago that I got mad at families who have a ton of kids - namely, the Duggers on TLC (like I said, I'm kind of losing my mind.) Soren is not a very clingy child, he rarely needs to be held and loves having his own space when he sleeps. Right now he just really needs mama and papa time - all day and a lot of the night. Anyway, I just don't see how it's fair for parents to make the choice to not give each of their kids the comfort they need because they feel they need to be fruitful. Don't get me wrong, I usually love the Duggers (in a "are you serious?!" sort of way, but I still love them.) I'm totally ranting, but it shows how stable my head is these days...not very.

The point of this blog, however, is to announce that I am getting out of here! No, I'm not running away (so don't call CPS) and I'm not being hypocritical. My AMAZINGLY sweet husband suggested I go spend some time with my relocated friend this weekend while he stays home with the Buddy. I already had the day off on Friday and Karl said he'd stay home with the little man this weekend so that I could breath again and check out the new Roberts home in Agoura Hills! I'm more excited than I have been about anything in a long time. The thought of driving by myself on 101, breathing ocean air, listening to music instead of crying, having time to myself - um, exciting stuff people! So, anyway, I'm ecstatic. Karl is already making plans to go to the airport, the train station and the zoo with Soren this weekend. A little boy's weekend - so cute. It's a win-win situation for so many people. Hello again LA!!! Wooooooot!!