Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby Steps

...quite literally! Today Sören (yes, this one deserves the umlauts) took his first step without support - and didn't fall down! I reached out my hand to help him from the chair to the coffee table and he refused the help and tried it on his own - and it worked! Who knows if this means he'll be walking soon, but it's a very important milestone that Mama must not forget to put in the baby book (Erin, go find the book and start writing now!)

We didn't get a picture of it, but here are a couple that were taken today...the day of Sören's first steps!

Playing Bicycle with Mama

Practicing his standing skills

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Month in Review

Wow! It has been almost a month since I've posted here. My sister and I have been busy starting our own blog and that has taken up my spare blogging time. I will do my best to recap the past month...

First of all, I feel like Soren has really become a little boy this month. I mean, he was always a "boy" but now he's doing boy stuff. It's all so weird to me and at times I am absolutely shocked by how old he's getting. Most of the time I find myself not giving him enough credit for things he's able to do on his own. I have loved every stage of his life so far and I hope to find something to love in every stage of his life (yes, even the teenage years) but sometimes I get a little sad that he's not so tiny anymore. I'm not dwelling on it though, and I'm really loving this new stage where he is so aware of the things we do together.

It is so fun to see him trying to interact with the world around him. He talks to us quite a bit and he loves to sing and dance and drum on just about anything that will make a sound. He loves music, but much to Karl's disappointment, he prefers Mama's music (what can I say, that's the least I should get for all the time I spend raising him. :) He is also really into sharing right now. He will hold something out for us to take, but then quickly tries to get it back. It's so fun seeing him figure out all of these life rules.

He's now up to three words (that we can understand), so now he has "Aaaah-da" (all done), "Nigh-nigh" (how he asks to be put to bed) and "That" (said perfectly with the "th" sound and all.) He uses it to ask the names of things around him, mostly buttons - his obsession.

Soren is still about 2 inches taller than all of the babies his age, which is not a huge surprise. I am always so conscious of how long his pants are and if they get to be at all around his ankles I get in a little panic. Karl reassures me that it doesn't matter because he's just a baby, but it's obvious I'm projecting some of my own insecurities onto my child. I will try to stop this soon. :)

We're noticing his little will coming out more and more these days and he makes his wishes very clear on most issues, mostly food choices and being told he can't have the remote, cell phone, camera, etc. He loves technology - he's his father's son, that's for sure.

OK, enough of the mom gushing -we have lives other than Soren too (it's hard to tell from this blog though!) My latest news is that I am working again. It's going to be quite an adjustment going from being home all week to only being home 3 days. I actually like the jobs that I have, so that makes the transition easier.

Karl is still busy with the last quarter of this school year - it's, by far, the hardest one yet. We've been super fortunate to have been able to ease into the architecture major for the past few years and now we're in "the trenches." Karl's doing a great job of juggling school, work and papahood, although it's not an easy task. We're all making it work, but it's definitely a "day at a time" kind of thing.

So there you go...a little update on our lives. And here's a precious little picture for your viewing pleasure....

Friday, April 4, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


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