Thursday, December 17, 2009

Four Really Is The New Three

Well.....dang. It has been a while. I've sat down so many times to write something here, but every time my mind goes blank and I don't know where to even start.

Little Miss Anika Jane has been with us for 4.5 months already and time is going faster than I ever dreamed possible. (Could it be true that time actually does go faster the longer you've been out of high school?? Man, those years were long.) So, we're big fans of her and while we can still imagine what life was like without her (a lot easier) we could not be more taken with her. She is PRECIOUS.

Let me tell you about it:

She has the biggest and best smile I've ever seen (with one adorable dimple to top it all off)...okay, tied with Soren on the "best" part.

She will scoul at you until she lights up and she makes you feel like your face was the best present she has ever received. If you see her in person - don't be offended by her expressions. It's not her fault, unintentional dirty looks are in the genes.

She is super chill. Really just does her own thing happily until she's tired or hungry. Doesn't complain about anything and handles pain like a champ. This comes in handy being the second born following a toddler who likes to experiment with cause and effect.

She has mastered the roll from stomach to back. She's currently (as in, right this moment) trying the back to stomach roll. Her hands seem to be more exciting right now.

She has THE cutest feet I've ever seen. Little and perfect with no crazy toes. I could eat them.

She looks terrible in light pink (thank you God!)

She is still bald and I am in heaven. I loves me a bald baby.

Karl finished up the last Fall quarter of his undergrad career last week. We are no longer answering the "How long do you have left?" question in terms of years. We're down to quarters now. 2 quarters left. I can handle that.

We're adjusting to sharing a home with my parents. We're in each other's business all the time, and it's got it's high points and low points. It sure is nice to have a couple extra pair of arms during this crazy time of life.

Soren continues to light up our lives with his brains, extensive vocab and musical interests. Oh, not to mention his adorable face. He's still long and lanky with killer style (if I do say so myself) and a sense of humor better than most adults'. He is currently learning the age-old trick of sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag. (A favorite past-time of mine while growing up in this house.)

We had our second ER visit in the last month a few days ago. First one was for a
Corneal Ulcer that Karl contracted. The second for a "Foreign Body Swallowed." Translated: Soren ate a penny. Cool.

I will leave you with a heartwarming transaction that just took place in the living room. Ani was not wearing socks and her feet were quite cold. When Soren found out that I couldn't find her socks he immediately scrambled to take his own socks off and asked me to put them on her feet. Can it get any better than this??

Blogger and I are not getting along today, hence the crazy formatting. I guess I'll have to be ok with less than perfection....*sigh*...


Auntie said...

Oh, this post makes my heart happy! It will make me even more happy when I'm there to experience it all in person :) See you soon - love you all! xoxo, S

Mike L said...

What she said! My heart is warm and it has zero to do with Deb's chili I just ate. It was so so so good having you four here and we miss you all tons. Your posts are such welcome open windows in to your life and our hearts leap when we see a new posting. The photo of you with Ani on your shins, I did exactly the same with Erik & Karl, then, not now! May His peace reign over you all as you celebrate Christmas & enjoy Auntie' presence.

Deb said...

LOVED this post Erin! I agree with both Stancie and Mike...thanks so much for these glimpses into your lives. LOVE you all too!! Hugs all around, Deb

Bret said...

Congrats to all of you, and hooray for two quarters left! We miss you guys and are glad to hear that you're doing well.

Get some rest over your break, and hopefully we can make some time to hang out after New Year's...we have Christmas presents to give you, if that sweetens the deal. :)

Julie said...

So good to get an update from you! Cute pics and your daughter seems like the perfect little sweet angel that we all dream of having.

The Talley Family said...

Yah for 2 quarters left....your almost there! I loved your comment about "dirty looks are in the genes". That runs in my family as well. And both girls do the same thing....still. :) As do I and my siblings...haha